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Quick setting dryer

Our company's production of stereotypes dryer for yarn, socks pre-shrinking stereotypes, socks pre-shrinking stereotypes, sponge cloth, curtains stereotypes, spandex coated yarn, cotton yarn, rayon, polyester, computer embroidery thread, sewing Line, knitting line, bead line, lace line, zipper line and other yarn processing.


Main features: the working medium for the compressed air, steam, equipped with rodent fast opening structure, manual switch cover, and with a safe and reliable security interlock device, PLC visual control system. The use of high temperature and high pressure steam on the fabric of a series of process stereotypes and drying, so as to effectively ensure the quality of stereotypes products, with easy operation, high efficiency, low cost, low labor intensity, safety and environmental protection and so on.

Specifications Model: QDJ-180 Design pressure: 0.4MPa Design temperature: 150 ℃

Working pressure: ≤0.35MPa Working temperature: ≤140 ℃

Equipment diameter: 1800mm Effective length: 2000mm

Dimensions: 3600 * 2700 * 2500 (long X wide X high)

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